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What to expect

Time-in is Me-Time: We definitely welcome walk-ins! But if you are booked in, we recommend you
arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to check-in, chill, and grab a drink from our café.

Comfort is Key: Our registered massage therapists are professional and accommodating so you’re in
good hands. We like choices, so feel free to specify your therapist gender preference at the time of

Take a Seat: If you are booked for the seated massage experience, please wear loose clothing, as these
services are done fully clothed. Do not fret though! We do have shorts available – if you’re coming in
for a service that includes a foot massage.

Lean Back and Carry On: We want you to get the most out of your experience. Every foot massage
includes a complimentary foot soak before your treatment, so don’t worry if you’ve been wearing
shoes all day. It’s the perfect pick me up! Simply sit down and relax, then carry on with your day. The
rumours are true: our dedicated 25-min chair-massage session can help alleviate your stress and
increase your joie de vivre.

Nude-Ish Etiquette: Because we wanted to be thorough, we also offer full-body massages (on our
massage tables). For these sessions, while we do not have showers on-site, we provide a warm
towel to wipe yourself down as needed. Plus, you can stop by our touch-up station to refresh
yourself before going back out into the real world, ready to conquer it.

The Mood Matters: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes the light just needs to be perfect.
We care about your perception and relaxation, so all rooms have individual lighting controls with the
highest quality heated tables, covered in clean crisp linens and a plush blanket. We want you to feel
good, so you can always communicate any requests or concerns to your Massage Therapist during
your treatment. Your level of comfort is our top priority!

The FAQs

Booking Online?

You’re here to relax and enjoy, so we’ve designed our online booking process to feel (almost!) the same.
Simply select the service, date, and time and follow the prompts. Oh, and specify therapist gender
preference at the time of booking (and even a preferred RMT if you wish!). We confirm all appointments 24 hours prior and if your booking is unconfirmed the day of the appointment, it will be subject to cancellation.

will my massage service be covered by my employer
benefits and/or insurance?

All our massage therapy services are performed by Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) licensed
and in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. If you have medical
benefits provided through your employer and/or via insurance, RMT services are often covered as
part of these benefits. We recommend you contact your employer or plan administrator for further
information on whether RMT services are covered under your specific benefits package. We are
happy to provide an RMT receipt for this purpose at the conclusion of your visit.


We are located on the south side of King St. W, just west of Spadina Ave. There is a PARKING lot
located directly across us on the north side of King St. W, just west of Spadina Ave (right beside
Weslodge restaurant, with an orange sign). The parking lot is managed by an unaffiliated 3rd party
company (and all rates are set by that company).

Booking a Group?

We love gatherings! We just ask for a little heads up… Please email us at [email protected]
to book services for parties of six or more.

Hosting a Party?

Be our guest! Touch is the perfect spot for an atypical and chic get-together so we are more than
happy to host your private events and parties. Email us at [email protected] for more
information. See you in our Inbox!

Gift of touch

We offer gift certificates, so you can give a loved one the treat of relaxation! Our Gift Certificates
are versatile, and may be redeemed for services or in our retail shop. They are to be treated as cash,
as we are unable to replace lost or stolen certificates. Note: All Gift Certificate sales are final and
cannot be refunded. Bummer.

To tip or not to tip?

Our massage therapists are important to us, and while this is not required, we encourage tipping
since rates do not include gratuity. 18% or more is both appropriate and appreciated
(and 100% of your tip goes to the RMT that performed your service). We’re in the business of
feeling good, and that goes for everyone.

Feeling sick or unwell?

We understand, s**k happens! If you are sick or feeling under the weather, please let us know
and we will be happy to reschedule your massage at no charge. We recommend not getting a
massage if you are sick since in some cases it can worsen your condition. We want to make sure
to respect and protect everyone’s well-being, and for you to completely enjoy the treatment!

The FYIs

Age Policy

Everyone deserves a good massage and we want to ensure the utmost comfort. We require our
guests to be 18 years of age to receive treatments on their own. If you are under 18 years old,
you will need written and signed consent from a parent or legal guardian and they will need to
be present in the treatment room during your appointment.


For the Mamas to be! We have a curated treatment that is specially designed to target your
concerns and improve relaxation. Please note that prenatal massages can only be performed
after the first trimester is complete so feel free to book any time after the 3-month mark. 


Touch Massage Bar accepts Cash, MasterCard, Visa, and American Express as payment.
We do not accept personal checks, so travel light and keep your card-in-hand après appointment.


As with most local, ethical businesses, we are constantly expanding our services to bring you the
latest and greatest. Although we make every effort to keep our website and menu updated,
please note that prices and services are subject to change at any time.

We are proud to be an inclusive space and love having you as a guest but we do reserve the right
to refuse service at any time, to anyone, for any reason we deem appropriate.