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verb. massage bar. lifestyle.

A wellness experience created for the modern lifestyle. The redefinition of “human touch” and affordable luxury. See also:


We believe that self-care should be a 21st century habit. So we created a lifestyle massage-bar (RMT certified!) that focuses on your well-being & lets you relax in a chic space that will spoil you just as your typical high-end spa, sans the hefty “price tag.” We want to bring luxury and wellness from the occasional to the everyday because as much as the hustle is in our cosmopolitan DNA, so is relaxation & taking a time out.


Sunday self-care, mimosas and friends. We redefined the concept of wellness and its place in your life by creating an experience where you can catch up with a loved one and leave feeling refreshed, recharged, and reset. We are catered to fit your lifestyle and not the other way around, using traditional and modern registered massage therapy practices in a lounge-like environment, whenever you need a little tune up après-workout or after dancing your heart away the night before. All in the careful hands of our RMTs. 


As soon as you walk in, our cozy interiors will already have you feeling calm. Our idyllic décor, inspired by raw elements of nature, playful textures and a gender-neutral palette is designed to elevate your experience. Curated with a bohemian influence in mind, you will be laid-back (beverage in hand) and stress-free within no time.