our story

The concept for Touch was born from endless trips we took to Southeast Asia, but especially Bali, a place where massages are accessible and the seated massage experience is a focus after a long day on your feet (whether sightseeing, shopping or anything in-between); we were surprised this did not exist in Toronto. 

Fast-forward a bit, and we took this idea 15,835 km North-East, and came up with Touch: our version of this little rendezvous, where modern massage met affordable luxury. 

Touch was created to provide a break from the bustle of the city, and to represent a small “escape” where people could take their work-lunch, plan a friend’s meetup or a post-night out “hangover-remedy”. It was meant to be the type of social lounge where time stopped in a non-traditional way so you could resume your life feeling recharged, relaxed and fulfilled post-touch.

Touch re-visited the concept for quiet, zen spas in the form of a cozy and welcoming space where you can grab a latté or a glass of wine while getting your upper body and feet professionally massaged (by RMTs). This is why we wanted a wellness destination with a licensed bar and a curated experience to deliver a one-of-a-kind, more social space that catered to individuals, couples and groups.

We also needed the ambiance, music and decor to reflect this warm and welcoming paradise, with vibes that contrasted the concrete jungle that is Toronto. So we did that too. And put it all into one lovely spot downtown.

One year later, we found the perfect place on King Street West, and the rest is history.


tou/ch verb. massage bar. lifestyle.

A wellness experience created for the modern lifestyle. The redefinition of “human touch” and affordable luxury. See also:

luxury meets affordability

We believe that self-care should be a 21st century habit. So we created a lifestyle massage-bar (RMT certified!) that focuses on your well-being & lets you relax in a chic space that will spoil you just as your typical high-end spa, sans the hefty “price tag.” We want to bring luxury and wellness from the occasional to the everyday because as much as the hustle is in our cosmopolitan DNA, so is relaxation & taking a time out.

wellness meets lifestyle

Sunday self-care, mimosas and friends. We redefined the concept of wellness and its place in your life by creating an experience where you can catch up with a loved one and leave feeling refreshed, recharged, and reset. We are catered to fit your lifestyle and not the other way around, using traditional and modern registered massage therapy practices in a lounge-like environment, whenever you need a little tune up après-workout or after dancing your heart away the night before. All in the careful hands of our RMTs. 

aesthetic meets relaxation

As soon as you walk in, our cozy interiors will already have you feeling calm. Our idyllic décor, inspired by raw elements of nature, playful textures and a gender-neutral palette is designed to elevate your experience. Curated with a bohemian influence in mind, you will be laid-back (beverage in hand) and stress-free within no time.


We don’t use the word “spa” to describe us, which means you won’t hear birds chirping or pan flutes

chill with us

Relax with a beverage in hand – pre-or post-treatment before you head back out into the hustle & bustle

phone chargers

Charge up during your treatment so you and your phone both leave feeling 100%

seamless payment

Pay on the credit card you booked with, if you’d like

comfortable seating

Kick off your shoes and get comfortable on our lounge chairs


Our communal massage areas are for individuals or groups, so feel free to relax and catch up with a friend


If you would like to partner with us, please reach out partnerships@touchmassagebar.com

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