We bet as you’re reading this, you are gently (or not so gently) crouched over a smartphone, a laptop at work, or thinking about your to-do’s. We know we know! The city is such a wonderful but busy jungle, you need a sort of social shelter away from the havoc. So, between the chaos and comfort, we created this space to give you a break. And we named it touch.

who we are

It’s simple: We offer a space that lets you take a break from your everyday, and unwind with a beverage in hand.

Touch is the creative coupling of a Massage Bar and a Social Experience. Our approach to relaxation and enjoyment is a bit atypical and unique, as we combine the expertise of registered massage therapy with a fun and chic aesthetic that delights your senses. We want to bring self-care into your routine as a way of life with easy scheduling, targeting treatments, and monthly memberships.

what sets us apart

We offer seated massages and have a wellness café in our lounge, a perfect combo that sets us apart from the classic wellness crowd. For the traditionalists or for those in favour of a quieter experience, we also have table massages available (both our seated and table massages are only performed by registered RMTs).

You may come for a 25-minute walk-in stopover or a deeper 80-minute session, solo or with your friends (or lover) whether it’s 2 pm on Wednesday or 10 am on Sunday, and leave feeling rested and recharged.

Our shorter service options also mean you don’t have to commit to a whole spa-like experience, so you can easily fit a Touch massage into your schedule.

We have a carefully curated massage menu, a café-bar, and a retail boutique dedicated to wellness products… All in the heart of downtown Toronto.

p.s. If you enjoy your time with us, we also offer monthly memberships with exclusive invites to events, 10% off our retail, and more!