Nemat Fragrance Oil Roll-Ons

$18.00 CAD

Amber Fragrance Oil: The Amber Fragrance Oil from Nemat has a subtle yet long-lasting scent - one drop goes a long way. This fragrance blends with your body chemistry to create your own unique scent. This is Nemat's signature "skin-scent" with fresh, inspiring, soft and clean notes.

Sandalwood Fragrance Oil: Sandalwood oil is extracted from the wood of the Sandalwood tree. We use sustainably harvested Australian Sandalwood in our fragrance blend. This results in a warm, woody and rich Aroma.

Vanilla Musk Fragrance Oil: The Vanilla Musk Fragrance Oil from Nemat is a sweet gourmand scent which lingers on throughout the day - one drop goes a long way. This fragrance can be described as sweet and enticing, with vanilla as the central note supported by musky undertones.

White Musk Fragrance Oil: White Musk is a popular fragrance that evokes warmth and compassion. The musk we present has a soft and subtle fragrance.

Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil: Egyptian Musk is a popular fragrance blend. It has a soft, clean, fresh, musky fragrance that has a soothing effect.

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